Talks-presentations (English)

Some issues in e-learning, education, and educational management. UOC eLearn Center International Seminar “e-Learning Around the World: Achievements, Challenges, and Broken Promises”. Barcelona, 07/06/2013.

The Usual Suspect? Teachers, their Challenges and Development. VIII International Seminar “Teacher Training: Reconsidering Teachers’ Roles”. UOC  UNESCO Chair in e-Learning. Barcelona, 7/10/2011.

From integrating ICT towards innovative education. Panel – Adversarial debate. International Federation for Information Processing IMICT 2007 Conference. Northeastern University, Boston, USA, 27-29/06/2007.

ICT in Catalan schools: a look to its foundations and early developments. WCC 18th IFIP World Computer Congress. Toulouse, France, 22-27/08/2004.

Tools for next generation schools: the Edu365 portal.  IGC/INET 2004 Conference: Strengthening the Net: Building an Open and Trusted Internet. Barcelona, 10-14/05/2004.

The Impact of ICT in Education: Where are we Heading? Cisco Public Services Summit @ Nobel Week 2003. Stockholm, Sweden, 8-10/12/2003.

E-learning, ICT, and Learning Portals for School Education. International Federation for Information Processing Conference “ICT and the Teacher of the Future”. Melbourne, Australia, 27-31/01/2003.

Building a portal for the future: The European e-Goverment 2002 Conference. Brussels, 30-31/10/2002.

Bringing eLearning to Schools: The role of regional governments & Priority actions (with Ramon Farré Roure). “Innovation and excellence in school: Moving Europe ahead!” Conference. European Parliament, Brussels, 18/02/2002.

Internet in the classroom and at home: the bridging role of publishers. INET 2000: The Internet Global Summit “Global Distributed Intelligence for Everyone”, 10th Annual Internet Society Conference. Yokohama, Japan, 18-21/07/2000.

Implementation of information technology in Catalan schools. “Compagno di banco” International Conference, Computer e nuove tecnologie per la scuola. Fondazione IBM Italia – Roma, 15/04/1997.

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